Choosing the Right Permanent Makeup Practitioner

Who should I use to carry out my permanent makeup procedure? What are the differences in expertise? Why do the prices vary? What exactly do the pigments contain?

These may be just some of the questions you are researching whilst deciding on having permanent makeup and important questions they most certainly are.    If you are not asking these questions, then now is the time to start.  It’s essential you choose the best possible practitioner or technician to carry out your procedure.

The main aim of your research should always be to find a practitioner that you trust and one that can prove their skills and experience to you.

Permanent Make up is truly an art, and the results will only be as good as the skills and experience of the practitioner carrying out the process. It is certainly not advisable to choose a practitioner based on the best price you can find. Please remember this is your face, pay cheap and the results will more often that not be less than satisfactory.

That said, don’t let this scare you from having permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a revolutionary treatment that can make a huge difference to your life. Confidence and self-esteem spring to mind -literally! If you are still not convinced then please spend some time looking through this website and view the testimonials from Tracy’s many satisfied clients.

So where do you go from here?

To learn much more about permanent makeup from a leading permanent makeup specialist you can either;

a) Call Tracy on 07980 578252 to find out more information and ask those important questions or to book a consultation or procedure.  She will explain everything there is to know about the procedures and put your mind at ease.

– or –

b) Read through this website.  I am confident all your questions will be answered on this web site and a consultation at any of my clinics will further expand your knowledge of permanent makeup.  You will then have an excellent benchmark to help you with any further research you personally think you need.  You should never feel pressurised and a quality professional should always offer you the opportunity for a consultation.

 Tracy is truly passionate about the industry, the standards, hygiene and safety to clients receiving permanent makeup procedures. With over 18 years experience with combined skills in permanent cosmetics, makeup artistry, beauty teaching and assessing in further education and university lecturing on degree specialist makeup, Tracy is perfectly qualified to answer all of your questions and ultimately prepare you for this fantastic life changing treatment.

Remember, if you wish to discuss any aspect of your procedure or concerns please feel free to call (07980 578252), email or text.  Tracy is always delighted to hear from you.

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