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Microblading Training

Microblading Training


Everyone is asking for Microblading. Some clients ask for this treatment without knowing truly what it is and other clients have carried out research and know this is the effect they want for their brows. Why so popular? Is this new? What are the results compared to the current more traditional method of digital permanent makeup? Let’s look at some of the facts for those wishing to have the treatment or train in this..

What is it?

Although Microblading is a very old technique it is now one of the hottest tattooing techniques in the UK and abroad. It has many names including Eyebrow Embroidery, Feathering and more.

The method uses a hand instrument with disposable needles to create a feathering hair technique. The micro needles implant delicate crisp eyebrow hair strokes using a medical grade EU approved pigments colour to suit the client. Only the best quality pigments should be used on clients to achieve the great results and retention. The end result is soft, flawless and natural beautiful brows. The majority of clients say that they love Microblading as it enhances their natural features and overall appearance without the brows dominating the face. The results can last up to 1 year and its recommended a yearly ‘refresh’ boost around 12-18 months.

The whole process of Microblading takes about an hour and the client will return around 6-8 weeks for a perfecting boost to implant more colour and perfect the eyebrow shape if needed but not always necessary.

What is the difference between Digital method and Microblading?

Essentially any tool that implants colour into the skin is a tattoo or known as permanent makeup. The current digital method utilises a machine with a hand piece that implants pigment using safe disposable needles into the skin. The needle moves up and down and pushes the pigment into the Dermis of the skin. Again using pigments not inks. It offers power and works well particularly on difficult skin like oily or weathered. It is an all rounder tool that can be used for hair stroke brows and powdered, eyes and lips.

Microblading uses a new disposable hand tool or reusable (only with autoclave) with a new disposable needle inserted in the end of the hand piece. There is now electric or digital method to action the implantation. The technique is all in the artists skill to know where in the dermis to implant the pigment and to create a crisp authentic hair stroke. There is no doubt with the right needle and technique beautiful simple crisp looking hair strokes can be created using this method. The end result is soft, flawless and natural beautiful brows.

Microblading Trainers
Microblading in the UK

How do I train?

Learn Microblading with Signature AcademyThe industry is saturated with quick courses advertising that you can command high prices!

Rush into a quick short course and you will find your brow results will suffer and probably your credibility not to mention disappointed clients. Not just from the practical point but from the fundamental knowledge needed in all aspects of this treatment i.e. skin, colour theory, infection control, face shapes, brow shapes and more.

If you are serious about providing the best results for your clients seriously consider a course that covers everything in detail with smaller class room attendees. You need to ensure you get maximum attention.

Believe me when I say you will truly benefit from this extra practical and study time of a full course. It will be evident in your hygiene and safety of how you work, creativity of brow, retention, confidence and clients will love you for giving them amazing brows.

Courses for Who?


If you are wanting to change careers or include this add this to your existing treatments then this is the entry course for you. We run in-depth microbladling courses that aim to equip the student with the correct knowledge and skills to perform safe treatments to your clients with the great results. A 4 day course with 40 hours pre study, 6 case studies, assessment and certification of achievement. Insurable.

Qualified Techs

If you are already a qualified permanent makeup artist with at least 1 year of working as a permanent makeup artist then a 2 day well structured course with hands on model work and a follow up case studies will give you a new tool for your tool box. Insurable.

How do I get started?

Signature Academy are leading trainers of Microblading training in the UK. Get in touch today to discuss what we can offer you.