Permanent Makeup Correction & Removal

Correction and Removal of Permanent Makeup

Subject to consultation Tracy also undertakes the correction of Permanent Cosmetic work originally carried out by other permanent cosmetic technicians which clients feel are unsatisfactory results.

This can be permanent cosmetics which have healed the wrong colour and often can be corrected by pigmenting with a corrective colour, and may require several sessions to achieve the desired result.

For permanent cosmetics, which are asymmetrical, it may only be necessary to add a little colour to reshape the feature.

Eyebrows with orange, blue, grey and green hues and lip procedures with blue – grey hues are brought back to a more natural, attractive look with skilled use of corrective pigments.

In some cases it may not be possible to correct if the permanent cosmetics are extremely dark, or too far beyond the natural borders of the original features.

Remember that permanent cosmetics should be considered as irreversible – so make sure you go to a practitioner who puts professionalism and safety above all else.

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