Scalp Hair Micropigmentation

About Scalp Hair Micropigmentation

Hello and welcome to my scalp tattooing page. My name is Tracy Fensome, I have over 10 years experience as a Master Artist in permanent makeup, medical tattooing, hair scalp tattooing, micro needling for scars and camouflage for vitiligo. I have been a trainer in anatomy for 25 years and am a qualified trainer in this industry. I am an approved SPCP member meeting high standards in this industry. I trained with Nouveau Contour originally and have travelled in UK and abroad over the years to master my techniques.

Scalp tattooing or also known as scalp micro pigmentation is a revolutionary treatment for Males and Females experiencing thinning hair, complete hair loss through male pattern baldness or alopecia. The following information is there to give you an understanding about Scalp hair simulation also known as scalp tattooing. I always recommend a consultation to find further details if this treatment is suitable for you. I have clinics available in Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, Ampthill, Bedford, Welwyn and a private clinic in Luton. If you wish to book a consultation out of clinic hours for privacy this can be arranged.

Hair Loss

I have over 9 years experience in meeting and treating men and women that are going through hair thinning or complete loss. It is one of the most overwhelming depressing times they can go through. They feel that everyone is looking at them and this then creates a stigma that going bald is ageing. Like a lot of medical conditions that are visual it does affect confidence, life choices and also can affect relationships. Let’s not dwell on this as there is a treatment that can restore the appearance of hair from slight thinning to complete baldness. This returns confidence and for many is life changing .

Hair scalp tattooing can treat:

  • camouflage scars and burns
  • further enhance a hair transplant
  • create simulated hair follicles for a receding hair line, rear, sides or full head.
  • for alopecia sufferers
  • camouflage hair transplant scars
  • work in beards and moustach
  • correction work can be undertaken for colour correction (from other technicians work) or removal in some cases with laser tattoo removal.

What is Scalp Tattooing?

It is a form of tattooing using specialist colours to implant into the skin to create the illusion of colour and hair follicles.

What happens at the procedure?

First of all you need to ensure that the person carrying out this procedure is fully qualified in Medical Tattooing, Permanent Makeup or Micro Pigmentation. Ultimately they have many years of experience performing a career of many procedures under the Micro Pigmentation.

Once the medical forms have been completed and the hair line drawn in and agreed an numbing cream will be used on the first area to be worked. I use state of the art German digital machines with safety disposable needles. These needles tiny needles implant the chosen pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. The technology of my machines and my skill will continue to replicate natural hair follicles using the pigment. We aim for perfection and as mentioned below we take our time and a number of sessions may be needed. My clinics are fully licensed by the local health authority and fully insured to undertake a medical tattooing procedure.

It is non surgical, it normally takes up to 3 sessions over a period of 4 months and each session can vary from 2-4 hours. This allows for little discomfort and a gradual process to create authentic subtle results. Your family and friends will be amazed at the delicate authentic result scalp tattooing gives.

We use medical grade FDA mineral pigments. We do not use ink. It is in our opinion not ideal and can over time leave migration and bad colour residues. Our pigments are the best we have hundreds of colours to match with your skin, eye and hair tone. I tend to use a few colours or different shades of one colour so that when the light hits the head the results look very natural and realistic. Your hair line will be very flattering and you will no longer feel the stigma of feeling old!

Our hygiene standards

I am qualified in this industry to Master level and yearly undertake an infection control course to update on blood Bourne pathogens. All my clinics have Licensing health protection and standards for infection control are paramount. I use sterile gloves, face mask, apron and all needles are disposed of in sharps containers.

Who is suitable?

This is why hair scalp micro pigmentation is revolutionary – it is suitable for males, females with different colours and skin types. For all types of hair loss even at different stages. If you are under 18 years of age there are some exceptions but communication between myself, parents, doctor and insurers will decide if the procedure can take place.

How long will my Scalp Micro pigmentation last?

We recommend to achieve longevity out of your investment you use sun cream protection when in the sun, limit the sun beds and follow the aftercare provided after each treatment. We do recommend to keep your scalp looking fresh in colour and appearance by planning a touch up every two years. Again everyone is different and in some cases it could last for many years.

How much does it cost?

Each client has different requirements so we use a Hamilton Norwood scale for a guide to baldness from I-VII to price our treatment ranges.

To offer a guide of prices they can start from £500 to £3000. For a head with a lot of hair loss the cost is approximately £2,250 and for a completely bald head/ full coverage £2,500-£3000


My services offer full support and 3 sessions. It is normal for the scalp to fade after a few months prior to your final perfecting treatment and if you need any further treatments a loyalty fee is provided.

During a consultation for suitability for the treatment and assessment of your hair loss I will provide a personal quote but please feel free to forward me some photos in the interim to

What next?


  1. Book a free consultation or send photos for assessment
  2. 1st session create hairline and some subtle filling
  3. 2nd session reinforce filling and textures
  4. 3rd session for perfecting
  5. After each session after care is given.

I am sure you have more questions so please do call or book a consultation and we can further discuss your requirements.   Contact Tracy on 07980 578252 for further details.