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Eyebrows are the most defining feature of your face. They emphasise your eyes, accentuate your expressions and give symmetry to your beauty. Permanent Cosmetics will allow you to throw away those pencils, with no more smudging, or reapplying throughout the day. Find out more »


Do you dream of no more smudges, smearing or repeatedly reapplying your eyeliner? Do you suffer with poor eyesight, watery eyes, and sensitivity to eye cosmetics or busy lifestyle? Then say good bye to your daily eyeliner routine forever and wake up in the morning looking your best with stunning alluring eyes! Find out more »


Permanent cosmetics will enhance your lips so they appear youthful, fuller with no more lipstick bleeding, smudging and having to reapply throughout the day. Now you can maintain that fresh look all day! Find out more »


Tracy’s expertise allows her to use the latest and most advanced techniques in the field of medical tattooing. Such techniques mean it is possible to restore a realistic and natural appearance to damaged breasts, perfectly matching the client’s original or remaining areola. Find out more »


The Permanent Cosmetic Procedure

Want to see a little more about the permanent cosmetic procedures? Watch the videos below:

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Video

Permanent Makeup Lips Video

Permanent Makeup Before/After Image Slider

Witness the transformation and see what Permanent Makeup can do for you!

Tracy’s expertise in providing safe, stunning brows, eyeliner and lips have become greatly sought after across the UK from beauty salons, spas, skin clinics to working alongside aesthetic doctors.

As an advanced specialist Tracy also carries out cosmetic medical tattooing for clients with areola and nipple reconstruction, alopecia, hair loss due to chemotherapy, vitiligo, cleft palate & camouflage for scars and burns.

arrowClick and drag the dividing line on the images to the right to view the differences before and after typical permanent make-up procedures. Please note that some ‘after’ images are taken directly after the procedure and may also show some signs of redness or swelling.

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Wow, you gave my face an instant lift with these amazing eyebrows. It definitely made me look years younger. I had so many compliments after the treatment it was unbelievable. Definitely worth the investment.

Christine, Bucks
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