Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Images

Eyebrows are the most defining feature of your face. They emphasise your eyes, accentuate your expressions and give symmetry to your beauty.

Permanent Cosmetics will allow you to throw away those pencils, no more smudging, and reapplying throughout the day. You can have realistic perfectly shaped brows all day every day, framing and uplifting your face, making you look more youthful.

Note: All after images are immediately following the procedure.  They will appear bold and stronger in colour which will lighten by 40% during the healing process to the carefully chosen colour.  The main healing is around 7-10 days and after care is simply to apply the healing balm provided by Tracy for 7 days.  Full details will be provided by Tracy during your consultation and after the procedure.

The ideal eyebrow shape is determined by the client’s face shape, bone structure and skin colour at the consultation. Once created you will wonder why you didn’t have your permanent eyebrows procedure sooner.  You will see in the eyebrow gallery below various shapes, sizes and colours that are unique to each client.  Over the years Tracy has created thousands of eyebrows for all ages, all from varied lifestyles and arriving with varying reasons for deciding upon a permanent makeup procedure.  Whatever your reason, call Tracy today to discuss your own permanent make up requirements and for further information on your nearest permanent makeup clinic and prices.