Breast & Areola

Permanent Makeup For Breast & Areola Reconstruction

Permanent Makeup AreolaMany women that have gone through breast reconstruction after a mastectomy can have the final touches completed with areola restoration known as the nipple area.

Using pigments to match the original or remaining nipple Tracy can reconstruct the nipple and areola and also help cover up any scarring from the operation.

Permanent Cosmetics provides an important part in giving a substantial boost to body image, confidence and a gain of sense of normality and getting on with life again. The effects are perfectly realistic and natural.


Prior to the reconstruction procedure Tracy will carry out a consultation to discuss the best colour, positioning and size for the nipple and areola. All clients are treated with sensitivity and understanding.

Scarring & Areola Darkening

Permanent Cosmetics can also be applied to the breast after all kinds of breast surgery to disguise any scarring or to aesthetically improve the shape and colour. Suitable for women and men:

  1. Augmentation scarring
  2. Reduction and uplift treatment scarring
  3. Areolas that are too small or without definition
  4. Asymmetrical and too pale areolas

Before & After

Here are some samples of my breast work and what is achievable (results in the right image).  A huge thank you to the lovely ladies that consented to showing these photos.


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