Permanent Makeup for Eyes

Permanent Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement

Do you want to save time adding eye makeup with no smudging, waterproof, add definition to your eyes, or improve the shape and balance of the eyes. Then say, goodbye to your daily eyeliner routine and hello to Permanent Makeup and wake up in the morning looking your best with stunning alluring eyes!
Permanent eye makeup is suitable for women and men with:

1. Sparse Lashes
2. Contact Lenses Wearers
3. Unsymmetrical Features
4. Busy lifestyle
5. Poor Vision People
6. Hypersensitivity to Conventional Makeup
7. Watery eyes or sensitivity to eye cosmetics
8. Ageing

Eyelash Enhancement

A subtle soft natural enhancement between the lash roots to make your lashes look more defined without an eyeliner look. This is a subtle look that brings out the colour of your eyes.

Before and After Slider

Click and drag the dividing line above or click anywhere on the image to see the transition. Use the arrows bottom right to view the next image.

Eyeliner Perfection

For a more defined enhancement choose from a liquid, pencil, softly shaded look in a medium to thick effect. These effects sculpt your eyes leaving an enviable almond eye. Discuss the overall effect and colour you require and Tracy will customise the finish and colour to suit you.

Latino/Ultra thick/Pearl Eyeliner

If you wish to make a statement this defined look will definitely get you noticed. Highly defined to maximise thickness of a Latino or choose a sexy sculptured pearl effect – absolutely stunning.

Male Eyes

It is becoming more and more popular for guys to want their eyes more noticeable. You may be surprised to know that many actors and celebrities have this treatment. This enhancement is very subtle, gives definition without being too noticeable.

What Happens?

During the consultation the eye colouring and face shape will be assessed. Tracy will discuss your requirements and use her artistic skills to pre draw the enhancement using a traditional cosmetic pencil. This is to ensure that you are happy with the desired shape and colour. Once the shape has been set this template is used to implant the pigment colour into the eye contour using the state of art electronic precision hand piece. Numbing agents are used prior to procedure so there is no discomfort.

Full After Care is given and a perfecting free boost to sharpen the desired colour will be arranged 4-8 weeks post procedure.

Looking After Your Eyes

Full aftercare will be provided on your procedure date and further information can be found under ‘The Process’. However, this procedure is not permanent and the colour will fade with time. To keep the pigment colour looking fresh you will be invited back annually for a refresh procedure at a client loyalty rate. Loyalty rates are available up to 18 months post procedure.   See the The Process for step by step details.

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